AERIC 35 Pint Dehumidifier

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The Energy Star top-rated Aeric 35-pint dehumidifier removes 35 pints of moisture from the air each day, humidistat controls up to 90% humidity, removing dampness and protecting your home from excess moisture. With the touch of a button, the LED digital display allows you to adjust humidity levels for maximum comfort. With a bucket size of 11.62 pints, you will be able to eliminate excess moisture while also not straining to lift and empty heavy buckets. With a compact size and a modern design, the Aeric unit is a subtle and sleek addition to any space. Perfect for garages, basements, bedrooms, and more, the unit makes a significant impact wherever you need it. Enjoy a washable and reusable filter to always guarantee a clean running unit and fresh airflow. Designed with 2 fan speeds and a 24 hour on/off programmable timer, the Aeric dehumidifier works around when you need it most.