AERIC 8,000 BTU SACC (12,000 BTU ASHRAE) Portable Air Conditioner

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Here at Aeric, we believe in reliable and high quality home comfort. That’s why all our products are backed by our leading 2-year warranty. The Aeric 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, 12,000 BTU ASHRAE standard, is the perfect cooling option for any home looking for extra comfort or to use less central ac. Ideal cooling for rooms, such as: bedrooms, home offices or living rooms. Doubling as a dehumidifier, this unit will remove up to 85 pints of moisture from your home per day. Designed with an auto-evaporation system, the unit condensates water recycled inside to keep cooling efficiently. Equipped with options tailored to your cooling preferences, the Aeric portable unit has 3 air flow speeds, plus full auto-swing air louvers for effective air movement while in use. The up to 24-hour timer gives you the option to set your unit to only run when you need it the most or set the unit to turn off during the night for a peaceful rest.