Indoor/Outdoor Portable Cold Frame Greenhouse 29.9-In. x 18.5-In. x 43.3-In.

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Extend the growing season with a clear cold frame mini greenhouse by Hanover! The perfect fit for a first-time grower or seasoned gardener, the cold frame uses solar energy and insulation to create a microclimate within your backyard garden or protection over your potted fresh flowers on the patio, porch, deck, and balcony. Use it to extend the growing season past the first fall frost, overwinter dormant plants, or harden off young seedlings. Sturdy, strong, and durable, our cold frames are constructed from transparent polycarbonate panels and a wooden frame for long-lasting use. two shelves and a solid bottom allow for three rows of plants and plenty of room to work with! The easy yet effective venting system protects the climate inside your cold frame to moderate the temperature and maximize growing conditions. Whether it's hot or chilly, you can enjoy growing and nurturing your garden with Hanover.