Outdoor Wooden Chicken Coop with Ramp, Wire Mesh Run, Waterproof Roof, Removable Tray 3.8-Ft. x 3.87-Ft. x 3.67-Ft.

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Buy Now Care for your feathered friends in style with this spacious Wooden Chicken Coop from Hanover. The future home of your poultry includes two perches, two nesting boxes, chicken run, removable metal tray and wooden ramp. It provides shade, space to lay eggs in nesting boxes and perches for roosting. Designed with the health and safety of your animals in mind, this coop features a latching system on the doors and access points, waterproof roof and sturdy, solid wood construction. The heavy duty mesh wire surrounding the exterior of the chicken pen provides both protection and a supply of fresh air to keep your chickens happy and healthy. Please note, a floor is not included with the chicken coop, so if predators digging under the pen is a concern, we encourage you to take added precautions for the safety of your birds. Cleaning is made easy with the slide-out metal tray and convenient access to the interior space through the doors. With Hanover, you’ll be able to provide your animals a qua